2016, February Missionary Journey

I (Peter) have safely returned from a four week missionary journey to Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya and Tanzania that brother Tim Cline and I embarked on January 22nd. Tim stayed on for an extra week and is currently finishing up teaching at the Nairobi, Kenya Bible Schools, before he returns to Lagos, Nigeria for another preaching opportunity, and to preside at a TWM affiliated Bible School graduation before his return home.

     We are so thankful for your prayers for wisdom and strength, endurance and opportunities. God definitely answered them. We made 16 flights. I had the privilege of preaching/teaching 35 times, we attended 4 Bible School graduations, (5 for Tim) Inaugurated 15 new, 7 month intensive Bible Schools, and visited with 9 Bible schools that are currently in session. We spent hours and hours driving on terrible roads from place to place. Those are the statistics, but do not describe the joy that it was to experience the handiwork of God in the lives of those who have been transformed by the Word of God.

Francis Asante and Peter Smith in Ghana

Francis Asante and Peter Smith in Ghana

     In Ghana, it was such a joy to see how God has raised up our dear friend Francis Asante, whom we first met as a poor village boy in 1997. Now his family is growing, and he has his own house and church, and has graduated 13 Bible Schools during the years, as he pursues his 10/10 vision, to see 10 Bible schools established in the 10 provinces of Ghana. He has already held schools in 6 of the provinces, and we had the opportunity to visit with three of these schools. One of them is being held the board room of the local governmental offices, with many of the officials in attendance at the Bible School.

Graduating Class in Ghana 2016. Middle Row Center--Time Cline, Peter Smith, and Francis Asante.

Graduating Class in Ghana 2016. Middle Row Center--Time Cline, Peter Smith, and Francis Asante.

     Our two weeks in Nigeria were very intensive, with many opportunities to share. We held a teachers meeting which was helpful and fruitful, and visited as many of the schools as we could. A highlight for me was to visit the Bible School being held at the Spinal Cord Injury facility in Lagos, and seeing those who are physically handicapped, being equipped in the Word of God to live lives of purpose, dignity and usefulness. Another highlight was to travel to the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, to inaugurate the first TWM affiliated Bible School in that city. Because of flight delays we were 4 hours late for our meeting, but there were still 60 pastors and students waiting for us who said they will be students of this school which will open soon. The host of this school is a seasoned pastor, who has walked with God for many years, and has worked with many missionaries and leaders, such as T.L. Osborn, Franklin Hall and others, but has a great desire to see the message of holiness and righteousness returned to the church. It was an honor to meet him, and we look forward to working with him in making strong disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

     We traveled 7.5 hours by road to the villages of Amuro and Mopa, to inaugurate schools in those villages. This is the area of Nigeria, where Tommy Titcombe, first brought the gospel to the Yoruba people over 100 years ago. What a privilege to meet the King of the area, and to pray for him and his council of chief’s, and hear of his tearing down the heathen alters in his town after he was installed as King over 30 years ago. He is a dedicated Christian who welcomed our ministry to his area. In fact, another gentlemen donated land for a permanent TWM Bible school to be built in that area.

     Returning back to Lagos, we flew cross country to the east side of Nigeria for a graduation ceremony of a TWM Bible school in Uyo, and the following day inaugurated 6 new schools and visited one on going school in Cross River State. The following morning, we visited another village to inaugurate yet another Bible School, before our flight from Calabar back to Lagos. After another graduation in the Lagos area, we flew the following day to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. Here for the first time in three weeks, we could actually look up and see blue sky. In West Africa, the dust in the air from the Sahara desert, was so thick, we could never see the sky.

     We arrived in Dar-es-salaam at 1:00am but were met by our enthusiastic host who soon had us at our place of lodging. There was not much pre-publicity for the Bible school, for the host did not know us, but was introduced to us through the host of the Nairobi school, who had given a very favorable report on the impact of the school on the lives of his people. We held an introductory meeting with potential students on Monday, and set the start of the school for the following day, after explaining the purpose and goal and ministry philosophy of the school. Approximately 40 were in attendance as Tim and I taught Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Our co-worker Francis Asante, the host from Ghana, had arrived in Tanzania, just before us, and we enjoyed his fellowship for those 3 brief days before leaving the work of teaching in his capable hands and traveling onward to Nairobi, Kenya.

     Three schools were opened in Nairobi, and it was a joy to meet with some of the alumni from last year, who have signed up to become teachers in these new schools. We are thankful to have one of our schools at the headquarters of the police compound, (GSU) and delighted that Bishop Tinaio, an Inspector General with the Kenyan Police is taking the evening class through the Word Series.

     From Nairobi, I returned back home, while Tim Cline, stayed on and taught an additional week at these Nairobi schools. One of the schools is being held in a compound which just a few years past was known for its murders, and bodies were dragged there on a regular basis and left in the bushes. Now, there is a church and an elementary school in the compound. It was a joy to meet a prayer warrior of this church that was started by her mother and father. Jen, had a great hunger for God and her parents had started the church to make disciples of the Lord and teach them to become strong and holy Christians. On the opening day of school she was filled with such joy she could hardly contain it, for the school was her prayer and the longing of her heart for many years, and she had seen her prayer answered. As Tim and I prayed over her, I was given a vision from the Lord, of the Glory of the Lord, going out from that church into the surrounding community. That was the very thing she had been praying for. Thank God the answer is on its way!

     We count it such a privilege to be involved in this revival of true Christianity that is taking place in many areas of Africa. What is most encouraging is to see our dear brothers and sisters in Christ rising up to become very powerful teachers and preachers of the Word of God, and spreading the message of holiness and righteousness, through our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations. People are not only hearing the gospel, they are seeing the gospel in the transformed lives of the redeemed. For that we give God all the Glory. Thank you for standing with us and praying for us in this ministry!

With much love and appreciation,
Peter Smith,

Pres. Two Witness Ministries, Inc.