This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Psalm 118:23

Let me tell you how the Lord moved in Uyo, Nigeria. Today, as I taught lesson 12, there was an interruption in the class because suddenly some of the students began to pray. I then sense the Holy Spirit wanted to move in our midst, so I allowed everyone to pray. A strong presence of God came upon everyone and some of the students began to cry. At a point, I tried to stop them so that we could continue with the teaching but they didn’t stop, they were just engross in the presence of the Holy Spirit, then prophecies began to come. Some were repenting and one of the students was seriously wailing. I can’t adequately explain the scenario, it was so glorious and it went on for more than an hour. I have never experience the dimension of the move of God like that before, it was so beautiful that tears came out of my eyes as I saw all these mature men humbling themselves and being touch by the Holy Spirit.
Thanks so much for your prayers and God bless you sir.
— Kunle. (Nigerian Teacher)
The transformation I’ve seen in lives of individuals as they hear the word of God is incredible. It’s as if light comes from within them for the first time - there’s a shining form their eyes that is so full of grace, love and truth. The Truth brings such beautiful freedom and God is using these schools to free captives of sin and lies that have entangled them for so long.
— Natasha
First of all I really have to thank God for the gift and grace of salvation that found me in the ditch, filthy with sin, hopeless and on the way to hell! He found me washed me and set my feet upon the solid rock.

Second miracle is the miracle of TWM that came as a refiner and a purger to refine and purge me of religion and bondage to sin-doctrine of sinful nature- this singular doctrine have over years and still is producing “sinful Christian” sinners parading themselves as Christians! A lie from the pit if hell! Making one to live in the belief that victorious living is not possible or won’t happen until Christ’s 2nd coming.

Since I have been delivered I daily carry the burden to deliver others. I am a living testimony that the truth works! This is what informs my desire to teach so that others too can be set free. This privilege and honor I treasure so dearly because of necessity the truth must reach all and what you have experience no one can argue it away. My life is a living testimony which must be shared as a light for others.
— Busola
Coming soon.
— NS
To have enjoyed this extraordinary natural beauty aboard VSSL was both a treat and a privilege. She is a beautiful and exceedingly well-appointed yacht, solidly built, supremely comfortable above and below decks, and — perhaps most importantly — very well maintained. At the end of the day, however, a boat is just fiberglass, wood, plexiglass, engines, electronics, and other systems. It is the Skipper and the First Mate who transformed our charter into a dream vacation.
— Buckminster C.
I want to really appreciate God for what He did in the lives of all the students. This have been my best teaching so far, I enjoyed the free flow and the auction of the Holy Spirit. All of the students testified how the teaching imparted and transformed them, they were really full of gratitude. One of the pastor said he got back the fire of the Holy Spirit in his life and ministry.
— Kunle